Try .NET (Runnable Code)

NCache Web Manager (Live)

2-Node Cluster (Partition-Replica)

NCache API

Quickly and easily use the following API with NCache Live.

  • CRUD Operations (Sync / Async): Add, Fetch, Update, Delete
  • Location Affinity: Store related data together
  • Expirations: Absolute & Sliding

  • SQL / LINQ Queries: SQL, LINQ, Groups, Tags, Named Tags
  • Item Locking: Pessimistic, Optimistic
  • Cache Dependency: Handle data relationships

  • Data Structures: List, Queue, Set, Dictionary, Counter
  • Pub/Sub Messaging: Continuous Queries (CQ), Events

  • Read-through / Write-through (coming soon): Read-through, Write-through, Write-behind
  • Cache Loader (coming soon): Auto load cache upon startup
  • Sync Cache with DB (coming soon): Thru SqlDependency

  • EF Core Cache (coming soon): Thru Extension Methods in EF Core
  • NHibernate Cache (coming soon): Thru L2 Cache Provider

Wrapper APIs

  • AppFabric Wrapper API: Use NCache without code change
  • Redis Wrapper (coming soon): Use with NCache without code change